Car Suspension Service

Enjoy steady and smooth driving again with help from Automobile Service Co. that offers car suspension service and repair in St. Louis Park MN. Whether your car is bouncing, riding low, or suffering from bumps in the road, the team at our auto repair shop is at your service. We provide full suspension services for all vehicles.

Vehicle Suspension and Frame Services

We never leave you in suspense when it comes to our prices. When you need vehicle suspension work in St. Louis Park MN, we offer upfront, free estimates that give you peace of mind. You may need minor repairs or full replacements of your shocks and struts. Either way, we offer affordable services for you. Some of the warning signs that you may need vehicle suspension services include:

    Damaged or Dented Shocks or Struts
    Stiffness or Noise When Steering
    Noticeable Fluid Leaks from Shocks or Struts


    Damaged or Worn Mounts or Bushings
    Frame Straightening and Repair
    Cupped or Uneven Tire Wear


    Vehicle Swaying or Leaning on Turns
    Vehicle Instability When Braking
    Bumpy or Shaky Ride

Shock & Strut Replacement in St. Louis Park MN

You don't want a bumpy ride. Damaged shocks and struts not only make for a bad driving experience—they can also cause accidents or lead to further damage to your car. Whether it's a tire blowout or your car's inability to handle bumps in the road, you can't take chances with bad shocks and struts.

For comprehensive strut and shock replacement in St. Louis Park MN, Automobile Service Co. is your go-to source. In our large facility, we provide car suspension service and repair for all types of vehicles. By replacing your suspension system, we restore your vehicle performance, your safety, and your driving comfort.
Vehicle Suspension and Frame Service in St. Louis Park MN

Don't let an inexperienced mechanic work on your suspension system. It takes skilled technicians with the proper tools to do a proper job. As St. Louis Park MN vehicle suspension experts, we ensure that your car is repaired correctly and that you enjoy a smooth-driving experience for years to come.